Squeaky clean Andromeda πŸ’—πŸ’œ

Im so sad this poor baby has been neglected bc I haven’t had dabs in fucking forever


So today after i got out of work, i went shopping for halloween decorations and other stuff for my apartment, got my baby some food and candy to come home to and when i call him to see what time he will be done working, i get screamed at how i better not have smoked all the weed and how i shouldn’t have invited anyone over because i always have people.over even though i havent seen anyone in over a week… i feel so unappreciated, stupid and sad. I was already feeling down because all my friends i tried to hit up ignored mee so i was really excited for Matt to come home and he.jjust shit right on me… its.a shitty feeling. I just want to go to sleep.right now.


#bubblehash ✨

New piece. The cat was not impressed.